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Travel Packing List – 5 Things You Don’t Need

Traveling, fun. Packing, not so much.

The latter can be as hassle-free as you want, while at the same time, it can be a major put-off.

Remind yourself that you are going on a vacation to de-stress and unwind and not having to look after your belongings.

It is best advised to keep your packing essentials to a bare minimum so that you do not have to fret about anything unnecessarily.

Here is a list of things that is just an extra burden to carry and is most probably does not need to go into your backpack or suitcase:

Extra toiletries

Even if you are an extremely hygienic person, you need not worry about the basic hygiene products. Every hotel has its stock of basic toiletries like soap, hand wash and towels. You do not need to stuff everything in your bag and carry extra luggage with you.

Too Many Cotton Clothes

While the cotton fabric is very comfortable, it is not very practical. Cotton clothes tend to take up unnecessary space and fluff up your bag. Furthermore, they may not dry easily, for which you obviously don’t have time.

This goes equally well for a pair of jeans, as you can easily get along with one pair through your entire trip. After all, the more rugged the jeans, the cooler it looks.

Fancy Accessories and Valuables

Apart from your loyal wrist watch and a few other studs and funky necklaces to accessorize your look, you do not really need anything else.

You do not want to risk your valuables in a foreign country. Plus you would want to gel in with the locals by not going overboard with your appearance, so that you can bargain while shopping at the local stores.

Unnecessary Gadgets

If you want to live and cherish the moments of your vacation in its truest sense, you need to keep all unnecessary gadgets at bay.

Some experts even advice leaving back your cell phone for some peace of mind.

Travelling is a learning experience that opens up new horizons and it’s always better to spend quality time with yourself, your loved ones and nature.

Just reduce the clutter by only taking along the necessary gadgets to stay in touch.

Books—Your Lifetime Companion

For bookworms, departing with their books can seem like a nightmare. And for the most part, books are the best companions one could ever have while sitting in the waiting lounge or on board a flight.

Also, for many, reading is therapy. Find an alternative to get your favorite book with you, either on a portable e-reader or try getting hold of it from your accommodation abroad.

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