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The Complete Guide to the Types of Russian Visas

When you’ve gotten the visa for any country, the first thing you should do is double check all relevant information. This specifically includes personal credentials, like the spelling of your name and other details.

Visas can appear intimidating at first, but when you know your way around it, it’s not a big deal. Reading a guide about it can give you the basic guidance to locate all essential information.

Keep in mind that Russian visas have a very specific validity date and are not applicable over a “travel window” like other visas. Hence you need to know the exact dates of your trip and considerable shifts in dates will not be accommodated.

The Type Of Format

The Russian consulate issues visas in two major formats. This appears as a sticker pasted onto the blank pages of your passport. Make sure, they are free from any other visa stamps or marks so that the consulate does not have any hindrance in using it.

  • The new style Visa is pale pink in color with a hologram impress. Usually it is issued in Asian countries along with UK, Europe, Australia and North America.
  • The older version does not have the hologram impress and is issued in Russian consulates located in remote areas.

Visa Types

The main prerequisite when travelling to Russia is to receive a Russian visa invitation and voucher to proceed with your visa formalities. This also depends on the motivation behind your trip, whether it is a business trip or solely for the purpose of entertainment.

  • Business Visas

Business Visas are basically intended to authorize foreigners who are visiting Russia for business purposes. This could be in lieu of attending a business meeting, signing a partnership contract or carrying out negotiations.

Depending on the nature of the business, the Visa issued will be single, double or multiple-entry.

  • Student Visas

To begin with a student Visa process, one needs an official visa invitation from an authorized organization in Russia itself.

This could be the school or university that the student is going to attend. The visa type is single-entry and is valid for the entire tenure of your student life in Russia.

  • Tourist Visas:

Issued on the basis of single and double-entry, it is granted to people wanting to visit Russia. The tenure of validity is limited to 30 days. A tourist invitation and an already booked accommodation is a must have to obtain this type of Visa. This is the one which is most frequently applied for.

  • Transit Visa

People travelling to another country via Russia are issued the transit visa.  This has a validity of maximum 72 hours and can again be either single-entry or double-entry. These can be obtained easily and are relatively cheaper than the other types of visas. Your travel documents need to submitted, along with the visa copy of the final destination to qualify for a transit Visa.

Receive a Russia visa invitation and voucher for your Russian Visa from a reliable and authorized organization.  Contact destinationRussia now!