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Simple Steps For Planning a Trip to Prague

Prague (or Praha according to Czech pronunciation) won’t need a brochure to sell itself.


The city may have been an incredible mystery just waiting to be discovered 30 years ago; however, Prague has now become one of the hottest destinations in Europe.


Drawing close to 4 million visitors each year, here’s why you should plan a trip to Prague next month!

Most Important Reason – It’s Affordable!

Budget travelers, rejoice. Not only does Prague offer a beautifully compact city center, splendid examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture coupled with a centuries-long rich and fascinating history, Prague is also (wait for it) incredibly affordable!


Here you can revel to your heart’s content without worrying about the state of your purse. Spend your days sightseeing and marveling at the captivating art and architecture at every corner you visit!


Sample delicious and authentic Czech cuisine, chased by the city’s famous beer. Yes, hands down Prague wins the award for most affordable and exciting European destination.

Planning a Trip to Prague Is Easy


Visiting Czech Republic has never been easier, especially if you are planning a short trip to Prague. Visitors from Canada, U.S., Australia and the European Union don’t require any visas. Short-term visitors from these countries also don’t require taking health or safety precautions because Czech Republic is a Schengen Zone member.

This means you won’t have to show a passport at the border if you are traveling from another E.U. member state, by road or rail!

Packing for Prague


Bringing the right clothes to any trip makes a world of difference. The climate of Eastern Europe is somewhat different from the rest of Europe. Keep this in mind when packing for Prague:  


For Fall & Winter

Fall and winter in Prague can get extremely chilly.


Additionally, temperatures in the city have been known to reach from the 50s in September to 20s in December and January!


Rain is also an expected entity at this time of year therefore staying warm and cozy should be your primary objective. Pack a heavy coat and thick socks, a hat (that covers your ears), good boots and gloves, along with your sweaters and shirts. Layering clothes is essential.  


For Spring & Summer

Warm and light clothes (for easy layering) are the order of the day if visiting in March, when temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. You will experience a little chilly to mild spring weather if visiting Prague this time of year.


Summer on the other hand is much warmer with temperatures in July reaching well into the 70s. This is the perfect season to wear skirts and light t-shirts but make sure to pack a light coat, pants, and long-sleeved shirts for the cooler days.


Summer months are also the rainiest time of year.     

Where to Say In Prague


There are a lot of different and wonderful places to see in Prague. The castle district of Malá Strana is ideal for history buffs who still want to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere.


Prague’s Old Town is where the real action takes place and is therefore the most liveliest and touristic place.


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