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Must-see Museums in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg holds great intrigue and wonder for history buffs, architecture majors, and European art lovers. In fact, this incredibly captivating city would surely win the title of ‘most beautiful’ among rest of the great cities in Europe.

The city has experienced much during its 350 year-long history that gave rise to the St. Petersburg we know and love today.


Visitors to the historical city can see much of its arduous and bitter narrative, hidden in every street, park, gallery and museum. Majestic and vibrant to its very core, St. Petersburg is home to some of the world’s best museums that offer something for every visitor.

Hermitage Museum

Enjoying the status of being one of the oldest museums in the world, the State Hermitage Museum houses the largest collection of paintings.


Founded by Catherine the Great in 1754 and open to the public since 1852, the museum comprises 6 historical and beautiful buildings that include the Winter Palace.

Upside-Down House

Not all museums in St. Petersburg offer visitors a cultural experience. The Upside-Down House belongs in the latter category. However, this unusual museum manages to incite thought-provoking responses.


Completely flipped upside-down, this popular attraction has every reason to be one of the most visited in the city! Walk inside the house for an experience filled with disoriented bewilderment.


Bonus: You can take pictures.

State Russian Museum

Here, you will find over 400,000 exhibits to bask in, ranging from 12th century to 20th century iconic artistic displays.


Inspired by Russian art and culture? Wish to know more about this city’s long history? Visit the splendid and magnificent Mikhailovsky Palace, known to be the treasure-trove of the best Russian art from all periods.

Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts

The fine arts are celebrated in St. Petersburg. In fact, the beautiful city offers numerous places for art lovers to gather and enjoy artistic endeavors of the 18th and 19th century.


One of the oldest in the city and Russia, Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts provides a unique respite for art lovers as here they find different collections of sculptures, paintings, mosaics, antique models, statues and art replicas.


A treasure trove of history, art and culture and everything in between—St. Petersburg offers visitors a cultural experience not provided anywhere else in the world. Visit and explore to your heart’s content. Stay at the best and most affordable hotels, even if you have planned this trip at the last minute through Go4Hotels!