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How to get a Russian Visa

All About Russian Visas

For most nationals to be able to travel to Russia you will need to obtain a Russian Visa before you can travel, the process can take from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on the type and time of year that you apply. The cost to expedite your application can be quite alot, so its best to plan in advance and obtain your visa in plenty of time.

Getting your Russian Tourist Visa

The process is quite straight forward, but you will need to plan and allow a few weeks before your proposed travel date to follow the formalities

Step 1.   Invitation / Support Voucher

In order to travel to Russia you first need to obtain an Invitation or Visa Support voucher from a licensed Russian Travel company or Hotel where you will stay..  You need to obtain this voucher which will show the date you enter and exit Russia.    Most hotels will only issue the voucher for the date you intend to stay with them, and most charge a fee for this service.
We recommend destinationrussia.com who can provide the documents you require at a minimum cost and can cover the whole stay in Russia regardless of which Hotels you wish to stay at.   They provide a fast and effecient service, and you will be sent your voucher and invitation within 10 minutes by email. 
we would advise you also check out the Hotel prices as they offer a lower cost if you book your Hotel accommodation through their site.  
You can also book your accommodation with your preferred booking site, and order your visa support seperatly.

Step 2. Visa Application Form

Complete your Visa application form,  you can use this site to complete an electronic version and print out the pdf version once completed ; https://visa.kdmid.ru/PetitionChoice.aspx 
Print out this application,  and fix your passport size Photo to the form
Check the Consular fees for your Nationality and passport type, visa type being applied for.   http://ru.vfsglobal.co.uk/Tourist_visafees.html

Step 3. Postal Application

Submit your application along with the payment for Visa issue.
Check List:
1. Your passport
2. Visa Application form with passport photo attached
3. Visa Invitation Document ( step 1)
4. Consular Fee
5. Return Address 
Send this by special delivery to the Visa Consular section of your nearest Russian Embassy.


Please be aware that the Russia Consulate will only issue a visa in the country where you are resident, so if you are not in your home country, then applying at a Embassy may not issue you with a visa to enter Russia.  it is best to make your application before your start travel.