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4 Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Is it the right time to pop the question? Is the diamond engagement ring you bought a month ago still sitting in its satin lined box, waiting to be taken out? Waiting for the perfect moment to ask her the question that will change your lives forever?

Don’t wait for the perfect moment when you can easily create one! The world is full of romantic destinations, just waiting to be discovered! Who knows, maybe your love story is destined to blossom in one of these idyllic and romantic destinations.


Yes, it is cliché to call the City of Light romantic however it’s nothing but the truth!

Glamorous, spectacular, enchanting at night and compelling by day, Paris should be your first thought when planning a romantic getaway.

Aside from the obvious attractions (bonjour, Eiffel Tower), Paris offers quintessential and charming at its best when explored on foot. Look for the often subdued but still incredibly romantic corners, the beautiful tucked away streets, traditional formica-clad cafes that serve authentic cannelloni with red wine.  

Burgh Island

England offers many romantic destinations, from high-rolling countryside, quaint and charming beachside cottages to breathtaking islands. Burgh Island holds the second spot in this list because of the destination’s ability to combine everything that two people in love would wish for. An incredibly romantic and beautiful getaway, Burgh Island can be found off the coast from Devon therefore seclusion and privacy is guaranteed.  


Belgium holds a charm on its own however fairytale Bruges, capital and largest city in the northwestern province will likely enchant visitors.

Picture the city’s open squares, quaint houses, and cobblestoned streets as you and your loved one stroll, enjoying the falling snow and each other’s company. Create your moment by taking her on a romantic boat ride through picturesque canals. Enjoy a captivating bird’s-eye view of the city by ascending the Belfort’s 366 winding steps, to the very top!


Prepare to be awed at the magnificence of the Eternal City. Rome, being an architectural wonder aside is the city visited the most by lovers.

There are a number of opportunities and places to explore in this wondrous city— cross out the usual suspects. Admire the grandness of the Pantheon and Colosseum, visit the Basilica Santa Maria and Sistine Chapel, and be humbled in front of the great artworks presented at the Borghese Gallery!

Yes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will carry on this city’s magnificence in your heart for a long time to come.   

Anything but soft and demure, these romantic destinations will bring back that spark into your life. Want to splurge on your honeymoon? Want to provide the best to your long-time sweetheart and soon-to-be fiancé? Book the best and most affordable hotels so that you can splurge on the things that matter. Find the best deals on Go4Hotels now!