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Personal Stories: My First Time Travelling To Russia

Travelling to a new place is always an exciting adventure. When I went to Sweden last year, I was anxious to see what the place hadin store for me. The people, the place and their language made me overwhelmed with excitement and learning about their lifestyle was a fun experience.

So when my parents surprised me with a ticket to Russia, I was over the moon. I’ve always wanted to take a trip to the largest country in the world—to see how different people from different backgrounds interact and live.

I was to travel alone, with my own expenses and limited knowledge of the language. But still, I was excited, taking a trip into the unknown.

What are the people like? How is the cuisine? Do they speak English?

There were more than a dozen questions coming to my mind. This made me anxious but nonetheless, I was ready and there was no turning back.

After a good day of lazing around and sleeping in, I decided to explore the city. I was amazed at the beauty of Moscow. I visited during the winters and the city was like a winter wonderland.

It made me wonder how beautiful it would be during the summers.  Every person I interacted with was friendly and did their best to be accommodating. While I learned that they did not speak English very well, they did their best to listen, understand and help in anyway they could.

Admittedly, they had a strong but charming accent that drew me towards them.

The Beauty of Russia

I was there for at least 2 weeks but that was more than enough to learn about the beauty of the country. I wish I could have travelled every place but that would have taken months.

I went to the famous Bolshoi Theater where I learned about Russian literature. There was something charming about the actors and the way they verbalized their feelings. I did not understand what they were saying but I did not need to—that was the beauty of their acting.  I learned that ‘bolshoi’ means ‘big’ in Russian and that’s how the performance felt—simply beautiful. The theater plays a large role in educating individuals about classical Russian literature.

I also visited the freshwater lakes that are famous. They were frozen but were majestic in their frozen state.

The Gorky Park gave insight on the Soviet-era’s artistic designs and structures. The modern cafes, world-famous ice rink and open-air theater are a remarkable touch and truly a fun experience. I recommend visiting the park if you plan to go this summer.

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Dubai Travel Guide: Saving Money on Your Next Trip!

Travel to Dubai on budget. It can be difficult but not impossible to achieve.


Frugal travelling can be a big challenge in a city like Dubai. With costs of travelling, accommodation, commute and eating out as high as the Burj Khalifa, travelling to Dubai on a budget seems like a distant dream.

Dubai is a busy, glamorous cosmopolitan city and certainly one of the most sought after for tourist destinations in the world. Although it is famous for being one of the most expensive places, it is home to the world’s tallest man-made structure, the biggest mall and some of the most exotic hotels in the world.

Here are some tips to enjoy Dubai and it’s extravagance on a backpacker’s budget:

Decent Accommodation at a Decent Price

Finding an affordable accommodation for your vacation can be a mind-boggling decision. Dubai is home to great diversity and people from all income classes visit this happening entertainment hub.

Saving money on luxurious hotels and opting for cheap hotel apartments in Dubai will help you spend more on shopping and entertainment options.

The location of your hotel also determines its price, which is why it is suggested to look for decent lodgings in parts of the city that are old, like Bur Dubai, Deira, and Al Mankhool, rather than at Dubai Marina.

Hotel apartments on Sheikh Zayed road give you easy access to the Metro as well.

Commuting To And Fro